AFCO Racing

Rooted in a rich history of over 35 years, AFCO Racing exemplifies an unyielding passion for performance and an unwavering dedication to providing top-tier racing solutions.

Over three decades ago, AFCO Racing and Performance Parts emerged with a singular mission: revolutionising suspension systems in the racing industry. What began as a simple need for better suspension has evolved into a powerhouse of engineering and manufacturing prowess, driven by a team of seasoned professionals who share an unparalleled passion for racing. This is the primary reason why Ian Boettcher Race Parts is proud to stock the AFCO range.

AFCO Racing Products: A full-service powerhouse

From its humble beginnings, AFCO has grown into a comprehensive manufacturing and distribution company, earning a reputation for crafting industry-leading shocks, suspension components, cooling products, and brake systems. The AFCO Performance Group, headquartered in Boonville, Indiana, is home to a world-class design and engineering team that consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation.

AFCO Racing is synonymous with reliability, performance, value, and innovation. The brand has become a beacon in the racing community, offering an extensive product line that includes:

Coilover shocks
Brakes and brake fluid
Master cylinders
Radiator caps
Ball joints
Steering parts
And much more

Engineering excellence: The AFCO approach

What sets AFCO apart is its commitment to excellence in engineering. Utilising cutting-edge tools such as 3-D design software, CAD modelling, finite element analysis testing, and rigorous field trials, AFCO ensures that each product surpasses the industry's highest standards. The combination of vehicle data collection, laboratory testing, and real-world trials refines AFCO products, guaranteeing peak performance on the track.

Performance is the common thread that binds all AFCO Racing Products together. Crafted to excel in the demanding world of motorsports, AFCO's shocks, suspension components, and other offerings embody the brand's relentless pursuit of victory. Professional racers have trusted AFCO for over 35 years, relying on the brand's winning products to secure triumphs on the track.

See the AFCO Range at Ian Boettcher Race Parts Australia today

As your trusted source for top-tier racing products, Ian Boettcher Race Parts Australia is thrilled to offer AFCO Racing to our customers. Explore the innovative shocks, suspension components, and more from AFCO Racing, and experience firsthand the passion and performance that have defined this premium brand for over three decades.


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