DMI - Diversified Machinery Industries

Founded in 1991 by Jim and Tammy Haines, DMI has evolved from a modest two-car garage in Lancaster, PA, to a powerhouse in the racing industry. Haines had a fortuitous introduction to Weld Racing, which established a crucial business relationship, leading DMI to manufacture Weld Components for three years.

Recognising the need for high-quality components at a fair price, Jim and his team launched the DMI product line in 2001, setting the stage for a new era in racing components, which we proudly stock at Ian Boettcher Race Parts today.

Why choose DMI Sprint Race Components?

DMI's team comprises successful racers and precision machinists, creating a perfect blend of racing experience and technical knowledge. DMI components offer unparalleled reliability and performance, setting the standard in the industry.

Utilising the highest quality materials, many milled, forged, and produced to their specifications, DMI ensures that every component exceeds expectations. DMI has introduced groundbreaking innovations, challenging the status quo and setting new standards in the industry.

Understanding DMI Racing Components

If you're seeking top-tier racing components that marry innovation with performance, DMI Racing Components stands as a beacon of excellence.  Some key products and insights of their meticulous specifications set DMI apart in the racing industry include:

Threaded Pinch Bolt Torsion Arm & Stop
A critical component for the rear suspension system, the threaded pinch bolt torsion arm and stop play a pivotal role in optimising handling and control. Proper torque ensures a secure fit, enhancing overall stability on the track.

Torque Ball Housing or Rear Cover Tall Nut
The torque ball housing or rear cover tall nut is essential for maintaining a secure connection in the rear assembly. With a torque specification of 15 ft/lbs, precision in tightening is crucial for reliable performance.

Seals-It Torque Ball Seal
Designed to keep dirt out and maintain the integrity of the torque ball, the Seals-It Torque Ball Seal requires proper lubrication. DMI recommends the use of #2 High Temp Grease or motor oil for optimal performance.

Bulldog Quick Change Rears
The Bulldog Quick Change Rears are a standout product known for their tightness and exceptional construction. Made from 100% aircraft magnesium, Bulldogs provide a superior stack-up, resulting in cooler runs and less resistance under load, enhancing overall performance on the track.

DMI provides extensive technical information in their catalogues, including rear specifications, pinion preload, backlash, tube lengths, and more. For racers who demand excellence, DMI Racing Components delivers innovation, precision, and durability. Ian Boettcher, Race Parts Australia, is proud to offer a curated selection of DMI Racing Components, ensuring that your journey on the track is marked by unrivalled performance and reliability.

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Thanks to our DMI products, we are able to bring you the best in sprint race components. Align yourself with a brand that understands the sport, lives and breathes it. Choose DMI for reliability, performance, and a legacy built on a passion for racing. These components simply outperform the competition; search our DMI range today.


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