Five Star Performance Bodies

Ian Boettcher Race Parts continually looks to brands that sit at the forefront of automotive innovation. This is why we added Five Star Performance Parts to our listings. The brand stands as the industry-leading manufacturer of advanced composites, polycarbonate windows, and thermoformed plastics.

Born from the high-performance world of auto racing, our technologies redefine the standards for automotive exterior components, emphasising a perfect balance of strength and weight reduction.

Over 40 years of racing history

With a racing history spanning over four decades, Five Star Race Car Bodies emerged in the late 1970s in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Founded by Carl Schultz and Fran Prestay, the company originated as a response to the demand for innovative sheet metal products throughout the stock car racing industry.

The journey began when Fran, owner of an auto service shop, approached Carl, seeking sheet metal fenders for his car after a challenging night at the local short track. The success of the custom fenders led to the formation of Five Star Race Car Bodies. Starting with the 1979 Camaro body, our product line quickly diversified to include thermoformed polypropylene, hand-laid fibreglass, and advanced composite race car body components.

The expansion into advanced materials marked Five Star as a pioneer, placing us at the forefront of the industry. They mastered the art of formed windows and developed our premium line of polycarbonate, now recognised as the #1 choice in motorsports.

Advanced body and window technology

Five Star continually push the boundaries of innovation. Their commitment to excellence in manufacturing large, complex composite body panels sets new standards in structural integrity and aesthetic quality. The evolution of their polycarbonate business extends beyond racing, reaching major brands across the transportation industry, showcasing a dedication to quality, durability, and weather resistance.

Since 2010, Five Star has been dedicated to design, manufacture, and distribution, leading the industry in creating body panels, windows, and accessories for various applications, including NASCAR, Circle Track, Drag Race, Road Race, Off-Road, and more. Our multi-unit facility boasts cutting-edge technology, production capability, and logistics.

Innovation for the future: A commitment to excellence

As the brand embraces larger, more advanced projects and explores new markets and industries, Five Star remains deeply rooted in auto racing. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction drives them to provide durable, high-quality parts for years to come.

Experience the pinnacle of automotive technology with Five Star Performance Parts with the full stocklist at Ian Boettcher Race Parts. Every component is crafted to redefine your expectations in strength, performance, and design. Join them on the journey as they continue to shape the future of advanced composites and set new benchmarks in automotive excellence.


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